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Did you know it was possible to test for an STD without seeing your doctor?  This can be a very personal subject and if you want to have this test done on your own, it is possible.  Just go online and do a search for Health Testing centers and you will see a very long list of blood tests than anyone can order.

All you need to do is call the number to order the test you want done. ” will let you choose a lab to visit to give a blood sample so you can be as confidential as you like.  You take with you the form that will be mailed to you and just walk in, no appointment needed unless you want one.

When you are done, you will be given a time frame as to when your results will be done and your results will be sent to your inbox.  This way you are the only one to see it and if you have any questions, you will have a phone number to ask a nurse anything you are not sure about.  With privacy like this, more people might take time to be tested to know where they stand in terms of their health.

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