Purchasing Diet Pills Online

Did you know that you can purchase diet pills online without a previous prescription from your regular doctor? Many online stores will offer a “free consulation” if you buy your diet pills from their store.

While this may sound like a good idea, it presents all sorts of problems.

Presciptions, written online, are based on information you provide by filling out a questionaire. The online doctors do not know you or your history. It is not advisable to go this route when ordering from online stores.

The safest way to order your diet pills online is to visit your family doctor and discuss the pros and cons associated with using diet pills. If you both decide that this is something that plausible, have your doctor write out the presciption and then go online and order them. This way your doctor knows what you are doing and can monitor you for, sometimes very dangerous, side effects.

If you choose to NOT visit with your doctor first and order diet pills online anyway, PLEASE be as honest as possible when filling out the questionaire. Your health is at risk if you omit vital information which could cause very dangerous side effects.

The Cost of Ordering Diet Pills Online

Ordering diet pills online can be less expensive, especially if your health insurance doesn’t pay for weight loss prescriptions.

In order to find the best possible value for money, you really need to shop around to find out what online pharmacy is offering the best deals.

What you are looking for is the lowest price per pill with all the extra costs figured in.

Most stores will offer 30, 60, 90 tablet prescriptions with a decreasing per pill cost as you increase volume. Some stores will offer free shipping and free consultations. Take all the costs – diet pill cost, shipping cost, consultation cost, and add them all together. Then divide the total cost by the number of diet pills you are ordering to figure out the cost per diet pill. If you do this for a couple of online pharmacies, you will find the best deal for your money.

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