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Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly will see a wave of Actos Class Action Lawsuits, stemming from recently filed Actos Lawsuit in on Ontario Superior Court in Canada. The law firm representing a client that suffered from Actos bladder cancer has filed suit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly, Takaeda Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of the pharmaceutical drug Actos, Eli Lilly was in charge of distribution in United States.

Takeda and an Actos Class Action Lawsuit

Takeda Pharmaceuticals made $4.5 billion last year, 25% of that was from the drug Actos. Actos is used for Type II diabetes. people started taking Actos after they found out how bad Avandia has been for them. There was a major lawsuit regarding Avandia that is still in progress in the United States. Avandia and Actos Class Action lawsuits are meant to help people be made whole from the disastrous side effects of the drugs.

Actos Class Action Lawsuit Help

If you feel you of suffer from Actos side effects, and would like information about an Actos Class Action Lawsuit, please fill out the form to the right. PeopleĀ  taking Actos for over a year, have a 40% elevated risk of bladder cancer. It is suggested that if you show the signs of bladder cancer, such as dark urine and frequent urination you should be checked by a physician immediately. An Actos Class Action Lawsuit is probably the best legal remedy to help you be made whole from taking the drug Actos

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