Canadian families with galactosemia

May 31st, 2008 – Mom to Mom Sale

Great turnout for our first fundraiser – The mom-to-mom sale went off in May and was a huge success with over 300 people attending. We made $476.50…not too bad for a first time event! Many of the vendors are interested in repeating the sale so we may propose running the event again in the near future.

March 24th, 2008 – First Meet and Greet

First meeting a success – The CFG got off to a great start with our first official meeting at the Fortino’s in Hamilton. We had a good turnout and even managed to complete some business amongst all the socializing.

  • Website: Website is up and running, if anyone has ideas for more content or would like to make submissions, they can e-mail Jan at [email protected] – we are still looking for someone to write an introduction for the site about what galactosemia is.
    If any one would like to share and post their child’s story/picture please send them to Jan.
  • Sponsorship/Fundraising: The following sponsors have made contributions so far: Fortinos, Isomil (Abbott Laboratories), Money Mart and The Greensville Gourmet. If anyone has other ideas, please let me know, a copy of the sponsorship letter has been posted on the web and members are welcome to download it for use.
  • Vision: Gift baskets to all new families diagnosed. New families will be given our contact information, and they will be responsible for contacting us.
    Members would like to see chapters in all major cities in the future…this would also help out with basket distribution.
    It was suggested and agreed that if possible (depending on Canadian Law and Charity by-laws) that we would like to donate extra money to help out with the research that is taking place in the States. It was also suggested that we could make a donation to Ronald MacDonald House.
  • Appointments for Board of Directors:
    Chair: Janice Hughes
    Vice Chair: Kris Tetreault
    Treasurer and Secretary: Teresa Distasi
    Education Liason: Becky Mees
    Dietician Liason: Amy Pender
  • Next Meeting: Since the PGC conference in Chicago is coming up on July 19, 2008, we have agreed to informally meet at the conference and share updates. We are also looking at a possible social (BBQ/Bronte Creek) in August.

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