TO REGISTER: All companies in member countries can register on Global Business Gateways FREE OF CHARGE. In the Investment Network companies can also register projects seeking investment, joint venture partners or financing. Should you encounter any difficulty, step by step registration instructions can be found below. PLEASE ONLY USE ENGLISH CHARACTERS.

Registration will allow visitors to identify your company as a potential business partner, access information on your company, its products and services, and contact you directly. This is a public database available via the Internet. Please read the Terms of Use.



Please note that this registration is good for one year and must be updated to remain in the company database. All companies that have an email address will automatically be reminded to update their registration before it expires.


Please follow this set of guidelines when registering your company or investment project. Please fill every field as completely as possible because most fields are required. If you do not fill a required field, that field will appear in red and must be filled before the database will accept your submission. Use only English language characters.

Country Name
If your country�s name appears in the window, go on to the next field. If your country�s name does not appear in the window, click on the arrow on the right side of the box and select the name of your country. If your country�s name does not appear on the list, it is not a member and you are not currently allowed to register. Please check back because we will be adding countries regularly.

Company Name
Please enter the name of your company. If you are registering a project looking for investment, please enter the name of the project. If you have more than one project seeking investment, please register each project separately to facilitate searches.

Contact Name
Please enter the name of the person at your company who should be contacted regarding any business inquiry.

Company Description
Please describe your company, service or investment project. The description should provide a clear idea of what your company does and the products or services it offers to international partners. If you are registering a project seeking investment, please describe the project, the type of partner you are seeking, the structure of the investment and the amount of money necessary. This field can hold up to 200 words.

Company Address
Please enter the street address of your company. If your address requires two lines, please use the second field.

Please enter the name of the city where your business is located.

Please enter the name of the primary state/region/district where your company is located. This is a required field. If your country does not have states or regions, please enter a hyphen in the field so that the registration will be accepted.

Postal Code
If your country uses postal codes, please enter yours. If your country does not use postal codes, this field may be left empty.

Web Site URL
If your company has a Web site, please enter the address in this field. It can begin with �www� or with �http://�.

Please list your telephone number. Include the country code, city code, and number. For example: 1-202-249-9800. Do not include �+� or other symbols as a prefix.

Please list your fax number. Include the country code, city code, and number. For example: 1-202-249-9801. Do not include �+� or other symbols as a prefix.

Please enter your email address. This address will be listed on the database as the primary email contact and will be used to notify you when your listing needs to be updated. This is a required field.

Upload company logo
You can include a logo in the listing that appears in the database. The image can be up to 130 pixels wide by 97 pixels high. Please use a JPG file.

Please check the box next to the network under which your company will be listed. Exporters, or services for trading companies should select TRADE. Projects seeking investment, or services for investors should select INVESTMENT. Companies related to the travel and tourism industries, or destinations, should select TRAVEL & TOURISM. If you are registering an investment project, please check �Investment� only. If your company offers services suitable for more than one network, you may check more than one box.

Choose Category
Please select the category or categories that most closely identify the type of business you are in. For investment projects, please select the category that describes the type of business for which you are seeking investment. To select more than one category, please hold the �ctrl� key and click the categories that apply. If you have selected to be listed under more than one network, you will have to choose categories for all the networks under which you will be listed.

Please list the specific products or services that your business offers. Separate keywords with a comma. Keywords facilitate searches and the more specific you are, the easier it will be for someone searching to identify your products or services, amenities, etc. For example, manufacturers should list products. A hotel might list amenities it offers, such as swimming pool, business center, downtown, suites, etc. A project seeking investment should list words that identify the type of business as well as the type of investment it is seeking, such as financing, joint venture, etc.

Login Name
The login name will allow you to change the information in your registration. Please enter a name that you will remember easily.

Please enter a password easy for you to remember. You many use any combination of letters or numbers. The password needs to be entered twice to avoid mistakes. Please note that if the form is returned and any field above has to be re-entered after the initial submission of the form, you must enter the password again.

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