Somatic consulting & structural energywork

To thank you for your enthusiasm and receptivity to this body of work, it is my pleasure to offer a generous incentive & reward program for those inspired to share with friends, colleagues, clients, customers.  Whether you are a concierge, yoga teacher, or well trusted individual, this is my way of thanking you for supporting the growth and wellbeing of those in your circles.

• 3 Referrals (resulting in completed sessions) = 1 free session for referring party •

• Introductory offer: 1 initial complimentary session, after which discounted rates apply (for qualified applicants only) •

• Participants in this program are invited to participate in workshops, seminars, and other educational events free of charge •

Ideal for the: 

• Yoga Teacher • Hotel Concierge • Business Owner • 

• Event Producer • Social Butterfly • Personal Trainer •

• Health Professional • Professional Athlete •

Your customers deserve the best, and so do you.

Certain establishments serve clients and customers who have very refined taste, and are willing to invest a bit more to see that their experience is as exquisite as the rest of their life.

For you, it is even more important that the professionals you refer to are of the highest caliber so you can confidently relate to your people that they are “in good hands” – perhaps even “the best.”

This is a hard endorsement to beat, and one that can only be genuinely offered if it has been experienced first-hand.

It is therefore my pleasure to extend the invitation to concierge services a complimentary treatment, fit for royalty, and for your constituents.

Your students will appreciate your “having their back” even off the mat.

As a yoga teacher, students will always approach you seeking answers for their enduring back pain, stubborn hamstrings, or even the occasional injury. Its important to not only have a professional bodyworker in your rolodex to refer them to, but to be able to do so confidently – having experienced the work yourself. 

Its my pleasure to ensure that you are acquainted with my touch, my attention, and effectiveness with various body types. Albiet, yoga teachers may have the “ideal” physiology for massage, however if a practitioner is able to quickly locate and gracefully liberate even your elusive physical issues (or perhaps the lingerings of those that inspired you onto the mat in the first place) – that is surely a great start.

Have a Friend You Know is Stressed Out?

We all know someone who could really use a massage. Perhaps they don’t want to hear it, as it will only remind them how much pressure they’re under. Obviously, we all choose how we spend our precious time and money, so suggesting an option without an authentic foundation often doesn’t land.

It is said that the best marketing is “word of mouth” and I’ve found this to be very true. To reward those who truly care about the wellbeing and state of mind of those close to them, we extend this program to you.

As a “champion” for the cause, you may invite friends over for consecutive sessions at your house, propose a “wellness” or “massage” day at the office, or just hand out business cards to people who take your word seriously. You deserve to be treated with the same kind generosity, and so this program is for you.

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