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Bossy Montana (Somaya Boss Reece) Freestyle
NAS – Made You Look


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Made You Look – FREESTYLE

B.O.S.S Biatch, every time I walk by they say she hott (hott)
Like a lighter from a feind or the steam of a tea pot
Compare me to your girl I’m what she’s not
Yeah and if she’s fly I’m above that
Bossy Bitch everybody loves that
Plus I’m an actress, way above rap, so all the boys stick to me like a thumb tack
Hold up (hold up) slow it down a bit, where all the fake bitches, counterfeit
She let u feel down her blouse, so she can have a house, for free
I need a man not a mouse
And I don’t mean to push buttons, key board
We just do it for fun, like we bored
Such a lady but I hustle like a d-boy, they askin if I’m a boss, si soy
Self-made, know that, from way back when, I’m a throw back, so classic, hardwood
Go 0 to 60 like a car would// flow crazy, sea sick
Keep bringin the rumors u makin me rich
If u askin who da best, me bitch, assume ya favorite position get on ya knees quick

They shootin..nahh made you look you a slave to a page in my rhyme book
But I’m still fly, got a dime look, my fashion, straight outta design book

They shootin… Made you look again, you claim real? But u look pretend
You were at the top? But u pissed off, now its me Somaya Reece
Miss Boss…

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